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Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:25 am

Name : Jamie (Jaime) or Boof

Location : Phoenix Arizona, United States

Staff Position & Duties : I am currently the Factions Manager. I deal with everything that has to do with favtions, which is making them official, giving items, and seeing if a faction is deemed fit for SRP. My duties are to make sure that there are realistic factions on SRP and factions that provide fun and leverage to a characters roleplay. I also sometimes deal with faction complaints.

When did I join SAMP / Society : I started playing SAMP when I was 14 around the Summer of 2018, yes I know I'm a late player. I joined Society around December of 2019. I was made into the faction management team around sometime January. I hope I can make society's faction great! Hope to roleplay with all of you.

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