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Suggestion server changes here! But follow the format!

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Rules & Guidelines - Suggestions

Thank you for showing interest towards us improving the server. We highly value all player feedback and strive to make this server better with every update.

Before submitting a suggestion, please take a look at the points below to ensure your suggestion will not be rejected.


Please ensure that your suggestion is clear and precise so we can easily understand its elements. By doing so, it allows the development team to understand the purpose of the suggestion and help gauge it's effectiveness. The development team will be quicker to reply by doing so, rather than us having to ask for clarification.

Pleasure sure your suggestion is precise and to the point if its a simple suggestion. For more complex suggestions, please take your time and give as much detail as you can so the development team can process the information properly. Ensure your suggestion has relevant details. If it does not, the development team will request more details; thus furthering wait time.

One Suggestion PER TOPIC
Please only suggest 1 idea per suggestion. If the suggestions are closely related, (e.g. add a crowbar and add a rack in garages to hang it and other things up) they can be in the same suggestion.

This rule is mainly aimed at the topics that list multiple different suggestions. While we value every suggestion we get, it makes it quite difficult to keep track of the development progress. Furthermore, if a post has 3 suggestions intertwined and 2 out of the 3 are selected, it will provide an uncertainty whether to move the thread into Accepted or Denied.

Re-posting and Spam
Please don't re-post suggestions if they have been rejected before. Use the forum search function to search for your suggestion before posting. If a suggestion was already rejected, it is unlikely we will change our mind.

If a suggestion has been accepted but not yet implemented, please don't suggest it again. We are either discussing its implementation or working on implementing it. While we may give a projected release version/date for suggestions, these are heavily subject to change and are not entirely guaranteed.

NOTE: Just because a suggestion may have been approved, this is a decision which may change. Approved suggestions may actually turn out to be denied for whatever reason. For example, it might turn out to be harder to implement than anticipated and judged not worthwhile.