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Rules & Guidelines - Factions

  • 1) Corruption in legal factions
This rule is directed towards legal factions and legal factions only.
Illegal factions must adhere to the rules directed towards them.

It is permitted for legal faction members to perform violations of the penal code and their individual rulesets in order to create nuanced and interesting roleplay situations. This includes corruption in the sense of receiving money or goods in exchange for shortened jailed sentences, lower fines, to avoid infractions and persecution and violence against criminals and those threatening their careers. Law enforcement officials may also decide to use excessive force during questioning and arrests and may plant evidence on a suspect in order to extend their jail time - planting evidence is allowed but only if there is at least one prior and legitimate reason for the arrest. Making up charges in order to jail a player for a long time without proper RP justification and IC evidence to back this up is NOT allowed.

In addition to the above, government members may exchange money or goods in return of lowered taxes on businesses and other such changes; but have to consult the Head of Legal factions to grant permission for these actions.

Government members may have illegal ties and may converse and cooperate with them, but can not use the government faction's abilities to lead or organize their illegal ties. The government faction is a legal faction, not a crime fighting faction.
Should a government member be found using government vehicles, weapons or assets to organize or take part in illegal actions they will be admin uninvited and banned for an indefinite amount of time up to the discretion of the Head of Legal factions.

It is NOT permitted to release other players from prison in exchange for money or goods. This is to avoid account mixing and immersion and case breaking situations.
520 Minutes Admin Jail or 24 hour account ban
  • 2) Power ranking
You are not allowed to promote e.g. your friends, family or player just because you know them well.
Promotions have to be deserved In Character(IC), make it fair for everyone inside your faction.
You are allowed to make High Motivated Applications or re-enlisted applications, you allowed to promote him more often in a shorter period.

The date you were invited will be used as your qualification.

Every invite must be roleplayed.
45 Minutes Admin Jail or 1 hour account ban or a faction warn.
10 Minutes Extra or 2 hour account ban (additional punishment)
  • 3) Leadership
Leading a faction requires great responsibility, which requires their leaders with a high attitude and good behavior on forums and In-game
Faction Leaders may be removed by Faction Management at any time. The leader may not demand an explanation. Admin disbands also means you're banned from Leading a faction for 6 months at least.
If the leader does not login for 10 days (without any justification) the faction will be issued a warning. 15 days of inactivity and the faction will be disbanded.
If a Co-Leader remains active and continue keeping the faction alive they may have their chance to lead the faction, regardless of the leader's opinion. ((Depends on the situation and or Faction Management))

Leaders can pass their leadership to someone else requires the Head of Factions approval on the new Leader chosen to be.
45 Minutes Admin Jail or 1 hour account ban or a faction warn if needed
  • 4) Closedown
You are not allowed to close your own faction unless asking permission from the head of your respective faction class.
You are allowed to wipe your faction at any point during your leadership unless permitted by the head of your respective faction class.

If you are found doing any of the above mentioned actions, you will no longer be allowed to receive a high rank, and your account will be suspended for a duration of seven days.
7 days suspension
  • 5) Surnames
Can be requested at the head of factions, at approval all the leaders will receive a name change.
  • 6) Live Recruitment
Do not mass recruit players to increase your population.
Faction Warning or Demotion
  • 7) Illegal wars (Gangwars)
Will be further explored at a later date..
45 Minutes Admin Jail or 1 hour account ban